June 2012

Choosing the ideal travel destination

What’s Your Ideal Travel Destination?

The hardest part about travel is often deciding where to go. Often our time or budget is limited so the pressure is on to find the ideal place where

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Biggest Travel Fears Busted

Your 5 Biggest Travel Fears Busted

Ever say to yourself that you want to travel the world but it’s just not “practical” enough with all that you have going on in your life? Except for a

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One night in Vancouver

My Flying Visit to Vancouver

Canadian people are famously friendly but Vancouverites exceed themselves on the friendliness

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Take a Hike by the Yukon River - Whitehorse to Miles Canyon

Hiking the Yukon River Loop in Whitehorse

Canada means stunning scenery, diverse wildlife and friendly people, especially in the Yukon. Bordering Alaska, Canada’s westernmost and smallest

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Bear spotting in Canada

Going on a Bear Hunt

I was off my bike before the man finished saying: “There are baby ducks crossing the path, stop please.”We were right by Beaver Lake in Stanley

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Los Cusingos Costa Rica Bird Sanctuary

Secret, Surprising Costa Rica Bird Sanctuary

Emerald, ruby and sapphire. Like so many precious gems birds flit around in the gardens, lured out of the undergrowth like this Green Honeycreeper

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