October 2011

Halloween, holidays and happiness

Halloween, Holidays and Happiness

When I was a kid we didn’t go out trick or treating because my dad banned it saying Halloween was an evil American invention. He didn’t

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the Lyall Hotel in Melbourne

11 Reasons I Loved the Lyall Hotel in Melbourne

As I walked out of the hotel door the concierge mentioned: “You might need your umbrella today.” So I dashed back to my suite to get it. He was right. I

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Noosa, Australia Travel Guide

Is Noosa, Australia the Best Place in the World? I’m Your Travel Guide, You Decide

I scoured the world for 20 years looking for the perfect beach, climate and lifestyle before moving to Noosa in

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Camping travel tips

5 Unexpected Life Lessons Learned Camping in Australia

Have you ever put off doing something only to find, when you finally took the plunge, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be? I hate camping. The

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Writing tips by Ann Patchett

15 Writing Tips From Ann Patchett

“I just read this brilliant book called State of Wonder!” I raved down the phone to my literary luvvie friend Lisa. “You have to read it!” She seemed a bit cool about

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