August 2010

How to shape your destiny

Shape Your Destiny in 6 Powerful Steps

Society, parents and friends all molded you the way they wanted you to be. It’s time to return the creative control to the true artist – YOU. Consider your life

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Blogworld blogger attendee seeks sponsors

Help Me Get to BlogWorld in Las Vegas

Is this nuts? I’m looking for a corporate sponsor to pay for me to travel from Australia to Las Vegas, where I’ll hang out with 4,000 hot people, see the sights and generally enjoy five fun-filled days. But it gets worse. I actually think someone is going to pay for my trip because it makes […]

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Time management made smarter for dummies

Why Time Management is Dumb

You probably know people that do their best work when they are sweating bullets under tight deadlines. If you fall into the first category, much of this article will not apply

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Unclutter to lead a better life

5 Small Ways to Unclutter Every Day

You know, if I could meet those nameless villains who robbed my home about six months back, I’d probably say this: “Thanks for robbing me. Jerks.” I can’t deny the surprise

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