March 2009

  • Autumn is in the air, time to get realistic

    It is actually quite fun to have seasons again. In Costa Rica they do call the rainy season winter but it is not cold. Meanwhile here in Queensland, the summer was hotter than the temperatures in Costa Rica but now we will get a bit of respite over the winter and can enjoy wearing jeans and sweaters....Read More

  • Making New Friends: Playdates

    Funny story about hosting a fussy eater....Read More

  • Gold Coast Theme Parks – White Water World

    Terror at White Water World - We spent the day at an aquatic adventure park and the only hiccup was that my kids didn't want to go on any of the rides. ...Read More

  • Noosa Festival of Surfing 2009

    Here in Noosa, the Festival of Surfing must go on and a good time is being had by all....Read More

  • Writing career conflicts with tenancy agreement

    Yesterday was a momentous day in my writing career. After all I've read about writing, the one thing that seems clear is that you have to be prepared to get many, many rejections before a piece of your writing will be finally be accepted for publication. This is a truth universally acknowledged in writing and everyone knows stories about famous writers suffering multiple rejections, before someone finally showed an interest in their work....Read More

  • New to Noosa and enjoying all it has to offer

    Before moving to Noosa we lived in the south of Costa Rica where there were more monkeys than people and the only family day out would be the odd cabalgata, or horse parade...Read More


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