February 2009

Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia from Costa Rica and New Zealand with a foray into online grocery shopping

How I do my shopping online and end up with $80 worth of salami sticks. Plus more news on settling into our new life in Australia and recovering from culture shock.

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Migrating to and Networking in a Foreign Country

Making friends but not exactly influencing people.

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Typing, Running, Shipping Stuff to Australia and Childcare

In which I expose a little known condition: Post Traumatic Typing Syndrome.

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Working abroad in Australia, Costa Rica and New Zealand

I now feel the need to mention that I am currently striving to be a super mum. I get up at 5.30am six mornings a week to exercise. I have three kids who all need food, clean clothes, love, attention, reading practice and exercise. And a hubby whose needs overlap with the kids in several areas.

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The Financial and Emotional Cost of Moving to Australia with Kids

In which we broach that delicate, some would even say taboo, subject of money.

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Culture Shock for New Immigrants to Australia

After some serious procrastination I am starting work only two and a half hours after getting home from dropping the kids off at school and childcare. Plenty of room for improvement there so that’s good.

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