Triathlon training at 50

Project Triathlon at 50: Training Week 4

I’m feeling inspired after reading Iron War yet also terrified about what I’ve signed up for. My attitude towards triathlon has been I’d like to try it and, although, I can’t

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Thumbnail image for Triathlon at 50: Training Week 3

Triathlon at 50: Training Week 3

It’s only week three and I’m already regretting this project. I’m looking for escuses and wondering if sprint tri (swim 750m, bike 20km, run 5km) is

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Thumbnail image for Project Triathlon at 50: Training Week 2

Project Triathlon at 50: Training Week 2

The excitement of the new is already over and the 5am starts three times a week are taking their toll. I’ve been feeling tired and even

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Project Triathlon at 50: Training Week 1

After two years of running, I needed a new challenge and set my intention to learn to swim freestyle. I secretly want to be able to cycle properly too, so when a free

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Triathlon at 50 equipment list and costs

Project Triathlon at 50: Equipment Needed and Costs

A free eight week triathlon training program for Noosa women convinced me to stop thinking about doing a triathlon and go

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Luang Prabang reunion

Travel Reunion Story: 25 Years Later

Click! It was just a quick snap. A moment in time from 1991 that I’d hold close forever. A picture I’d carry with me for decades

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Travel Style: Why Sunglasses are the Key

Travel Style: Why Sunglasses are the Key

We all want to look our best, but we don’t all want to spend hours on hair and makeup, especially when we’re on holiday. Sunglasses

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Triathlon training woman 50

Announcing: Project Triathlon at 50 Series

Earlier in the year I rashly posted my goals for 2017 on Facebook saying: “the goal that SCARES me most is learning to

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Capri by Fraser, Brisbane review

Sleeping Around: Capri by Fraser, Brisbane Hotel Review

For this country mouse, it’s always a thrill to hit the city, and all the more so when a romantic, child-free weekend with your beau is

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Scoot airline review

5 Reasons to Fly Scoot

Flying is still fun. If I’m travelling by plane adventure awaits. Still, the thrill of airline travel wanes on a 24-plus hour journey from Australia to Europe. Or even an eight hour

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bad hotel review

20 Signs You’re Staying in a Really Bad Hotel

We’ve all stayed in bad hotels but some are worse than others. Here’s how to know if the bad hotel is just bad or truly terrible…

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Altec Lansing jacket Speakers

Indestructible Altec Lansing Speakers: for Travellers who are Rough on Things

Altec Lansing, the world’s leading choice for dynamic audio systems, redefines portability and durability with

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Horse-riding on Rainbow Beach

Photo Story: Horse-Riding on Rainbow Beach

Riding a horse down the beach means freedom to me in wild, beautiful scenery. It’s the perfect mother-daughter adventure, with extra brownie points for mums if your daughter

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Travelling With Teenagers

Travelling With Teenagers: a 7 Step Survival Guide

Teenagers present a tricky paradox. As their parents we love them dearly and know these years before they leave home are precious and

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Happy Holidays! And a Prawn Nibbles Recipe...

Happy Holidays! And a Blackened Prawn Nibbles Recipe…

Years whizz by and I never feel as if I have much to show for the passing of time. However a quick scan of my posts for 2016 shows that I did focus on many of the things I value most last year: Family and Friends We bought a house and moved in. All the kids love […]

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