Tuk Tuk Thai Noosa: Speedy Takeaway Review

Tuk Tuk Thai Noosa Review

Whether you’re on holiday or living in Noosa it’s always a treat to have a night off cooking and get a takeaway.

We don’t do it that often because, although it’s cheaper than eating out, takeaways still cost more than cooking so we look forward to a takeaway all the more we do get one.

When Menulog contacted me to ask if I’d use and review their takeaway ordering site the timing was perfect because I’m writing more about Noosa and keen to cover as many eating options as possible. And bonus! It would mean a night off cooking for me and a night off washing up for Rich.

Lately we’ve been stuck on a certain fast food pizza chain which the kids love and I’m too ashamed to mention. But they love Thai food too so I thought we’d branch out and get a Thai Takeaway on Tuesday when cooking is made more complicated by my daughter’s early evening gymnastics class.

The best thing about Menulog is that it gives you a choice of takeaways in your area so you don’t have to rely on having the menus on hand when you order. You just enter your postcode (4567 for Noosa Heads in my case) and get a list of all the Menulog participating restaurants.

menulog noosa takeaways

There are only a handful of restaurants listed by Menulog for Noosa right now but the main favorites of Thai, Indian and Italian are covered.

My choice was Thai food because it’s popular with the whole family and there are plenty of healthy options so the Tuk Tuk Thai restaurant was selected by default.

I decided to get the Candy family to choose what they wanted the day before. The kids loved browsing over the Tuk Tuk Thai menu at leisure on the iPad and wrote down what they wanted on a bit of scrap paper which made it fast for me to order on the day.

The online ordering system was simple, user-friendly and quick so ordering was super fast and it was all paid for in five minutes. Really.

tuk tuk thai noosa takeaway menu

I also liked how I got a confirmation email from Menulog immediately including the restaurant’s phone number in case I’d made any mistakes with my order.

So how did the Tuk Tuk Thai meal rate?

tuk tuk thai noosa orderFirst let’s look at what we ordered:

Me – Thai basil chilli prawns with extra vegetables.

Rich – Whole fish capital which is comes with “hot tasty chilli sauce cooked with special Tuk Tuk recipe”.

Luke (aged 15) – Massaman lamb – medium hot.

Max (aged 12) – Kra phoa moo krop – crispy pork belly with chilli basil sauce – also medium.

Kiara (aged 9) – Prawns tamarind.

Impulse buy – Som tam green papaya salad made with lemon juice, chilli, green beans, nuts and tomatoes – because I love this in Thailand and I’ve never found it as tasty since but I won’t give up!

I cooked my own rice to save a few dollars and the bill came to $125.90 including a $7 delivery which seemed reasonable. Even better with the 10% first time order bonus which got our meal bill down to $114.10.

Pretty good for a big takeaway for a hungry family of five including a 15 year old boy who’s currently 6 foot 4″ and seems to be having a growth spurt!

Here’s what we all thought:

  • “Good value” said Rich.
  • “Mmmm spicey” said everyone.
  • “There are lots of vegetables aren’t there?” said I.
  • “They even made courgettes taste good!” commented Max.
  • “My lamb chops had a yummy peanut sauce on top” said Luke.
  • “Mine’s the best” said Kiara.
  • “Did you have any veggies Kiara?” I asked.

This is what my Thai basil chilli prawns with extra vegetables looked like with one of Kiara’s tamarind prawns on the side. I was super impressed with all the veggies.

tuk tuk thai noosa prawns

All in all we were very happy with our meal. It arrived promptly, tasted good and was a great deal.  If you’re looking for a tasty Thai takeaway Tuk Tuk Thai delivers. Pun intended.

Disclaimer: MenuLog gave me a voucher to cover the costs of our takeaway meal. I chose to try Tuk Tuk Thai restaurant and all opinions are my own.

Does your family like a Thai takeaway?


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  1. Sarah Keetley May 28, 2014 at 11:13 am - Reply

    My mouth is watering. I’m calculating in my mind how long it might take me to drive to Noosa and back. Can I make it before I have to pick up the kids??? Think I will have to put this Thai restaurant on our list next time we are up in the beautiful Noosa area.

    • Annabel Candy May 28, 2014 at 12:15 pm - Reply

      Hi Sarah,

      It must be lunchtime! Tuk Tuk Thai’s on Gympie Terrace which is lovely so another good excuse to visit the Noosa River.

  2. seana smith May 31, 2014 at 7:38 am - Reply

    The great thing about takeaway meals is I don’t have to worry about kids behaving badly in public. I’m finding online takeaway ordering SO much better than ordering by phone and love that you can do the ordering during the day for a certain time. Also having my credit card stored online is super handy… though too tempting! My kids would also go for pizza every time but Thai is also a good option for us as it suits the kids, the veggies and the light eaters too. Sometimes I cook brown rice for mine, they complain wildly!

    • Annabel Candy June 2, 2014 at 11:08 am - Reply

      Hi Seana,

      Lol re the brown rice! Now that’s a brilliant idea :)

  3. Tracey June 5, 2014 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    Awesome idea, I keep losing the menus I collect! Definitely going to check out Menulog!

    • Annabel Candy June 5, 2014 at 7:41 pm - Reply

      Hi Tracey,

      It’s great if you’re travelling round Australia or on holiday too as there are restaurants all over the country:)

  4. Tina June 9, 2014 at 2:43 pm - Reply

    Menulog sounds very useful. I definitely will check it out. Thai food is so delicious, one of my favorites.

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