What’s your Fantasy Lifestyle?

Fantasy Lifestyle

Paradise Rescued is a memoir by a British expat called David Stannard. It’s a gorgeous story about how David bought a holiday house in rural France, then bought the surrounding fields to save them from property developers before accidentally creating a vineyard and boutique wine called Paradise Rescued.

It’s a crazy, beautiful story about what can happen if you say yes rather than no to life’s opportunities. It’s about what happens if you make unexpected decisions and go boldly where you’ve never been before.

I love David’s story and it got me thinking about how owning a vineyard in France must be something many people fantasise about. Spoiler alert! Owning a French vineyard isn’t all about sipping fine wine with the locals while you survey the view from your terrace. Find out more in the Paradise Rescued website and book.

Still we are here today to talk about boring old reality. We are here to fantasise! With that in mind what’s your fantasy lifestyle or exotic travel fantasy? I’d love to know!

My fantasy lifestyle is to own a wildlife rescue center in Central America where I can heal and raise sick or abandoned monkeys, toucans and ocelot before successfully releasing them back into the wild. Of course I’m sure it would be endless hard work staying up all night to feed the baby monkeys and change their poopy nappies! Never-the-less that is my fantasy.

Although sailing the seas in my super yacht could be fun too…

What is your fantasy lifestyle or exotic travel fantasy? Please tell!

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  1. Jo May 24, 2016 at 9:48 am - Reply

    I love the sound of yoyr fantasy lifestyle. I’d help you at night with thise baby monkeys. However right now I’m lucky to be living a fantasy life … aboard the Sea Orincess on a world cruise for 104 nights ?

  2. What a kind-hearted fantasy! I’ll really have to think about this one. I have the location already (Hawaii), now what would I really like to do!

  3. Seana - Hello Sydney Kids May 29, 2016 at 6:55 am - Reply

    Hello, I’d like to go to live in South East Asia for a few years… and do something useful for someone somewhere there.

    Holiday travelwise, I’m still on that mission to go to East Timor… it’s lucky that I am a woman of infinite patience!

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