June 2011

What makes a top travel destination?

Top Travel Destinations: What’s the Recipe?

What makes a top travel destination? A place that you not only loved first time round but want to go back to. That’s what we were wondering yesterday at a lunch to

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Hitchhiking travel story

The Kindness of Strangers

I don’t go to out at night to pick up men. It just happens. The first time I was driving home from the local Toastmasters public speaking improvement session

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Nomadic living

27 Years of Nomadic Living

I write this outside on the floor of my old porch, wind tugging at the trees, shadows playing on the grass. I moved into a new house yesterday but there’s no

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Personal stories - reasons to tell personal stories

5 Great Reasons for Telling Personal Stories

I found out from my own experience of blogging that sharing personal stories can also be good for business. It seems counter-intuitive so I was delighted to

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