April 2010

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Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon 1

Not only does your brain not need a budget, no one can steal it either. In the right circumstances, with the right input your brain can be a never-ending source of

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5 Reasons To Learn Something New Every Day

I had another revelation recently about something that I’ve been doing sub-consciously for years that you should try too. Now, I don’t think every single thing I do is

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How to Make a Wish

A beautiful friend invited me to take part in a social experiment inspired by messages people wrote to the newly elected US President Obama. You can see the results

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5 Simple Steps To Planning For Success

Do you want to get over 1000 subscribers for your blog? Win the World Series of Poker? Climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Complete a triathlon? These are worthy goals and ambitious

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Self Improvement For Self Employment

Thanks to some helpful top bloggers’ advice and many thoughtful comments from helpful readers I’m officially introducing a new blog topic at

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3 Ways to Inject New Life Into Your Life or Blog

Last month I felt as if my writing was getting a bit stale. Of course, I was doing some solid writing

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