June 2009

Racing at the Bellingham Maze

Writer’s Rite of Passage: Rejection Slips

What a great rejection slip. Notice that the editor didn’t say anything like “get lost loser and stop bothering me.”

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Happy, Chatty Candy Kids

How To Listen To Kids

I’ll be the first to admit that often I don’t really listen to my kids. In the mornings they’ll be chirping away merrily about this and that while I prepare

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Our Wheels in Costa Rica: not flash but they went round

What Can You Give Up To Live Your Dream?

Find out what we gave up to live our dream of moving to Central America. Could you do it?

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Martin Fingland of Geckoes Wildlife with a Shy Snake

Wicked Winter on the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Wicked as in wonderful. Includes information on How to Kill a Cane Toad Humanely. You never know when you might need to know!

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Kookaburra in Noosa National Park

Changing Crappiness Into Happiness

Inspirational story about feisty cancer victim turned triathlete, Sam Naudin.

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Unrelated Image of Native Australian Long-Necked Turtle

Puberty Bites: Talking About Puberty With Kids

Funny expose: 2 of the cardinal rules for good parenting are not to stereotype your children and not to compare them, however, I’ve noticed that my oldest

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Birthday Boy: with surprise present

Maintain Motivation: Celebrate Your Successes

Why you should Stop, Take Stock and Congratulate Yourself.

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Wide-eyed Tree Frog in Costa Rica

Search Engine Terms for Blogging

This is funny! Some people have found this site by typing totally ludicrous and, in some cases, inappropriate phrases into the search engines. It goes to show

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Me and my daughter stand up paddle surfing, Noosa

How To Work Out What Your Dream Is

So you don’t know what your dream is? I read somewhere that most people will have three distinct careers in their lifetime and I think there’s a reason for that

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Reading List for Writers, Travelers and Parents

This is a list of books that I’ve read and that I’d heartily recommend. I’ll be adding to this as I read more and rack my brain for those old favorites. Please add

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The Joy of Text

As well as writing, reading is essential for any writer. I’ve always loved reading and I’ve managed to instill that love of books into my three children. Not that I really tried, it’s more a case of when in doubt, read a book

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