October 2013

Books on Mindfulness

5000 Words and Five Books on Mindfulness

Sometimes it feels like I’m the only person who reads books and this year my reading has mainly been on mindfulness and meditation. I adore travel

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Kanga Camp in Mana Pools review

A Wild Welcome to Mana Pools

The plane lands at 3pm. The heat is searing, a breeze blowing across the runway like air blasting from an oven. The thermometer on the Cessna is peaking

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Zimbabwe Travel Myths busted

52 Exercises: #42 Urban Safari in Harare and Zimbabwe Travel Myths Busted

Harare looks beautiful in October with the jacaranda trees in bloom. Purple blossom against deep blue skies, floating down onto the dusty red earth.

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Flying to Zimbabwe

Come Fly With Me to Zimbabwe

Going back to Zimbabwe has been my dream for years so when the Zimbabwean Tourism Authorities invited me on a press trip it felt like I’d be going

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Sh'bam and Some Amazing Travel Plans

52 Exercises: #41 Sh’bam and Amazing Travel Plans

It’s 8am on Saturday morning and I’ve just arrived at the gym to try Sh’bam which is billed as a fun, sociable dance class. I love dancing and want to inject

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Kayaking in Noosa and Stress Reduction

52 Exercises: #40 Kayaking in Noosa and Stress Reduction

Everything feels rushed, stressful and anxiety-ridden. I’m not depressed any more but I can feel the black dog is there, snapping at my heels. Daily meditation

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