July 2010

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Are You Shipping Your Ideas Successfully?

If you’re going to be successful in this life, you have to try a lot of ideas. Success doesn’t usually come with one great idea, but rather a string of ideas (and failures) with

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How to transform the mundane into the extraordinary

How to Transform Mundane into Extraordinary

Writing about your mistakes and your learning process not only helps you, it helps other people. And also, it’s art. One of my favorite things about art is it transforms

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Reader survey for blog by Annabel Candy

Reader Survey: How Can I Help You?

I’d love to get your advice about how I can make my blog better, give you what you want and create a hot product that will really help you. This survey will

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smiling brings confidence and helps you succeed

How To Wing it and Still Win

If you’re not prepared for something and have to wing it you can still win if you’re confident, outgoing and happy.

Those three qualities – confidence, friendliness and happiness are all you really need for a good life and to do well at anything. In fact, the only thing you

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