Funny Travel Stories

Travel stories exploring the gap between where we came from, where we’ve traveled and where we are now. Escape with these funny, moving travel stories written for true travel lovers, then share your own travel stories in the comments.

Funny Travel Story About Broken Shoes

Funny Travel Story: Why Now Broken Shoes? Why Now?!

In 2010 when I got invited to visit Shanghai with Coca-Cola I literally had nothing to wear. Well, nothing that you’d wear in the city because

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What's Your Travel Song?

What’s Your Travel Song?

Is there a certain song that makes you want to travel or reminds you of special travel adventures? Being asked for an interview

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Funny Travel Story: I Kicked a Door Down

Funny Travel Story: I Kicked a Door Down

No sooner had we moved into our first home in Costa Rica than Rich got locked in the bathroom. We didn’t own anything much and there wasn’t anything

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Travel Confession - I Fell in Love With a Cricket

Travel Confession: I Fell in Love With a Cricket

I’d shared my home with scorpions before in Africa but when we moved to Costa Rica it was bug central. There were scorpions under the fridge, a stick insect

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Mini Travel Photo Story - At the Airport

Mini Travel Photo Story – At the Airport

No one really wants to be at an airport. Everyone there would like to be somewhere else. So travel lovers have a love haterelationship with airports. There’s

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Funny travel story - emergency

My ER Experience in Florida’s Redneck Riviera: a Funny Travel Story

“There’s nothing wrong with your leg,” the Mucho Man insisted, “I’m not taking you to the hospital.” – “But my ankle hurts so much, I think it’sbroken. I need

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Worst Fellow Passenger on a Plane

Worst Fellow Passenger on a Plane: Travel Photo

My husband went on holiday without me once. Actually, he’s done that a few times. I usually manage to tag along, but sometimes he needs a boys only

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funny travel stories roughing it

Rats and Roaches on the Road in Thailand – Funny Travel Stories Series

Have you ever stayed in dives because you loved travel so much you had to rough it? I have and I’m not ashamed. I wish I hadn’t had to deal with

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funny travel story japan toilets

The Perils and Perks of Potties in Japan

I love funny travel stories, don’t you? So here’s a funny travel tale about my experiences with the toilets of Japan. Apart from fine food, great scenery

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happiness secrets Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto japan

Secrets of Happiness from Japan – True Travel Story

Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto is a world heritage site. Kiyomizu means clear water and the temple was built on a hillside with a spring overlooking

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Who are the happiest people in the world?

Who are the Happiest People in the World? Photo Travel Story

When I got married in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu it was listed the happiest place on earth here.

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photo faves - treasured souvenirs - rasta hat

Photo Faves: Travel Souvenirs: Rasta Man Vibrations

What do you think of this genuine rasta hat I picked up in Zimbabwe? It came without dreadlocks so it was much more wearable when I bought

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Lost and Found Travel Confessions

Lost and Found Travel Confessions

Do people travel because they want to get lost or because they’re lost souls? In why people love to travel the third reason I mentioned was that

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Types of Traveler You Meet Traveling the World

Top 10 Types of Traveler You Meet Traveling the World

It’s not just friends you’ll meet traveling the world. There are a few different travel types to watch out for when you go traveling and a handful of oddballs

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