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  • Self-Motivation and Co-Motivation

    I've discovered that things like stopping smoking are much easier when you have a friend to give up with. When you're finding it hard, you can call on your ...Read More

  • Blogging Away With Growing Success

    Writing a blog's an up and down thing. One day I love it, then the next day I wonder why I bother at all. ...Read More

  • Writer’s Rite of Passage: Rejection Slips

    What a great rejection slip. Notice that the editor didn't say anything like "get lost loser and stop bothering me."...Read More

  • What Can You Give Up To Live Your Dream?

    Find out what we gave up to live our dream of moving to Central America. Could you do it?...Read More

  • Changing Crappiness Into Happiness

    Inspirational story about feisty cancer victim turned triathlete, Sam Naudin....Read More

  • Maintain Motivation: Celebrate Your Successes

    Why you should Stop, Take Stock and Congratulate Yourself....Read More


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