• 101 Ways to be a Happy Traveler

    Do you want to feel happier than you already are? Do you find that most self-help books are too long, detailed, embarrassing or complicated?...Read More

  • Celebrate With Chocolate Fudge Cake

    Well, who needs an excuse? What could be more enjoyable than making a cake from scratch? When was the last time you did it?...Read More

  • If I Were A Geek, Just For a Day

    During the 13 years I've been working on computers, designing websites, and studying online marketing, there have been times of frustration...Read More

  • Seven Reasons To Go For a Walk

    Are you looking for fun, cost effective ways to entertain the whole family? Then you'll love going for a walk....Read More

  • Self-Motivation and Co-Motivation

    I've discovered that things like stopping smoking are much easier when you have a friend to give up with. When you're finding it hard, you can call on your ...Read More

  • Blogging Away With Growing Success

    Writing a blog's an up and down thing. One day I love it, then the next day I wonder why I bother at all. ...Read More


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