January 2010

The Real Secret To Success in 4 Words

Still looking for the secret to success? Here it is. And if this doesn’t motivate you to get off your arse and get going, then nothing will. Now go go go. Get off

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Surprise! A visit from my old friend, Fiona.

Please Hold, You’ll Be Connected Shortly

If you’re expecting something, or want something to happen, human nature wants to know when you can expect it. But sometimes something you want to happen

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What To Do With Your Life If You Don’t Know What To Do

There’s a lot of pressure in life. Too much really. Just working and earning enough money to support yourself and your family is hard, but now we keep hearing

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New Year, New You… Or Not?

Change doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no way you can go to bed one night, be it December 31st or not, and wake up to a new you the next day. Changes

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The Secret of Eternal Youth

Looking for the secret to eternal youth? Forget expensive wrinkle-busting face creams and life-endangering plastic surgery. The secret of staying young is about

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A Dance Video To Rock Your World

Did you watch these 6 inspiring dance videos? I wrote about them because they really fired me up. They show the power of three things I hope to embrace

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