October 2009

6 Inspiring Dance Videos To Rock Your World

Six dance videos to inspire and delight you. They may amuse you, surprise you and touch you too, plus they’re examples of people using the dance to change

Just watching these dancers fills me with hope, energy and enthusiasm and that’s got to be a good thing. I hope they’ll have the same effect on you.

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Funny family portraits caption needed here

Funny Family Portraits

This family portrait of me with my parents and siblings in the 70s is sure to amuse you. I’m the kid at the back with the nice pageboy haircut mum still claims

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Peter Moore at home with daughter, Daisy

Inspirational Interview – Peter Moore, Travel Writer

“If I’ve learned one thing it’s that when things go wrong, your trip starts getting interesting!” Peter Moore, travel writer

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Car pooling Costa Rica style - I know, they should be wearing helmets!

Climate Change: Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!

I know, it’s so easy to sit there and think it’s not your problem. Leave it to the politicians and eco-warriors to sort it out. Unfortunately it is our problem, so here

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Michelle Bostock, Artist who coaches kid's soccer

5 Quick Ways to Volunteer and Feel Happier

Studies have shown that people who volunteer and provide their work for free are happier. So here are 5 quick and easy ways to fit volunteering into your life.

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A New Zealander with a difference

Heard The Joke About Kiwis and Sheep?

The joke’s on me. Again! People tell jokes about New Zealanders and sheep. They say there are more sheep than New Zealanders in NZ. All my kids are Kiwis

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Connie Rice - Daytona Food Examiner

Liberate Yourself From Drudgery

The 4 villains in my life are: Grocery Shopping, Cooking, Laundry and Cleaning.
Find out how I’ve cut them back to the basics and freed up an extra 2 hours a day for creativity and fun.

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Annabel Candy of Get In The Hot Spot

6 Months of Articles at Get In the Hot Spot

A round up of the best articles on self improvement, travel, blogging, entrepreneurship and more. I started to get serious about writing this blog in April 2009

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