September 2009

Chuck Chastain Costa Rica's surfing, poker and real estate legend

A Surfer’s Guide To Living Life To The Full

Imagine learning to surf in the warm Caribbean sea with a patient, encouraging and stunning teacher. It’s not surprising with those conditions that after three

I’ve only been surfing about 18 months now and I’m not that good, but I can stand up on a wave and I have fun. To me that’s what it’s all about. Surfing holds a few keys to happiness and some great lessons that can help us all life better.

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Robert Mack - Overcame depression and wrote a book on happiness

Overcoming Fear – Turning Fearful Into Fierce

True stories from people who’ve faced their fears and been rewarded for it. Read their tips for over-coming fear and be inspired to do it yourself.

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White-ruffed Mannequin - found in our house in Costa Rica

Funny Search Engine Terms

It’s time to relax and have a bit of fun. So here are some strange things people have typed into the search engines recently. Even stranger still they then landed

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The Unstoppable Nancy Jerominski

How To Rise From The Ashes Like A Phoenix

Inspiring stories of women, age 40 and over who have been through dire circumstances then successfully turned their lives around for the better. Tips on how

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Mount Cooroora. Photo by J.L. Hammond

8 Secrets of Mountain Climbing and Life

Mountain climbing, like life, isn’t just about getting to the top and taking a photo to prove you did it. Although that’s a part of it, you also have to make sure

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Josh Hanagarne, The World's Strongest Librarian

How To Be Confident When You’re Not

“No matter how bad things get, they’re never so bad that we can’t take tiny steps towards our goals – provided that we have some goals.” I asked Josh Hanagarne

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Monkey on my back

What Everyone Ought To Know About Coping With Life

I’m feeling overwhelmed at the moment ~ I’ve taken on more than I can handle. See the ridiculous to do list I’m juggling and you’ll see that something’s got to

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Photo Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Getting More Blog Readers: Accountability

I’ve been writing this blog for five months and you may wonder:

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