November 2009

Cracking up or ready to crack your true identity?

My Black Out and Life’s Big Question

Who are you? It’s the most important question there is. Knowing who you are is the only thing that really matters. Knowing who you are will help you work out

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What are you thankful for right now?

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Normally I’m against globilization but the US Thanksgiving celebrations have made me feel good. I’ve been touched by Internet users writing about things they’re

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You're a winner

Personal Coaching Sessions Giveaway

Get your personal development on track and learn how to move towards your goals. Find out how to take advantage of these free personal coaching sessions

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Now doesn't that feel good?

10 Ways To Shake Up Your Life and Feel Energized

Sometimes life can feel as if you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. Often, the more you do the less progress you seem to be making. That’s

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Get In the Hot Spot blog progress report

Get In the Hot Spot Getting Hotter

Welcome to everyone who’s come here after reading my guest posts on Zen Habits and Problogger. My aim is to make this site a hub for self development, optimism

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How you play your cards counts most

The Poker Champion’s Guide to Winning in Life

5 poker skills that will help you win in life, as well as at the card table. “Poker reveals something else of import – it will teach him about his own nature…”

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Me and our 11 year old

Remember Learning to Ride a Bike?

When was the last time you got a certificate in recognition of your achievements? No one’s going to give me the Nobel Peace Prize, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t

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Avoid these life-sucking traps

33 Things Life’s Too Short For

You know the old “life’s to short” cliché? Well, sometimes cliché’s turn out to be true. Life is too short. We’ve only got a certain number of years to live and

Make the most of it and be sure you’re not falling into any of these life-sucking traps because life’s too short for them.

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