August 2009

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Inspirational Interview – Vanessa Woods, Writer & Researcher

Interview with Australian author and primate researcher, Vanessa Woods.

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Fuddy Duddy Mummy Exposed

Recently I toured the local high school. My oldest son won’t be going there for 18 months, but I’ve heard mixed reports on the school, ranging from

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why people love to travel

Why People Love To Travel

Since we’re all self-described travel nuts I thought it would be interesting to explore why we love to travel. I knew I owed it to you to live up to my promise

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Live your dream, get what you want out of life or achieve your goals? Whatever you call it, just persevere.

10 Ways To Get The Life You Want

Do you know anyone who was hopeless at school, but went on to become successful? It often happens and you wonder how an underachiever did so well in

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Tony Park, author

Inspirational Interview – Tony Park, Fiction Writer

“I write novels set in Africa. Care to join me on safari?” Tony Park, Author

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Traveling Close To Home

Last weekend we went to camp in Coolum, a 15 minute drive from our home. There, in the Coolum Campsite, I discovered an entire race on the brink of

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Cheeky Squirrel Photo: Melissa Brandts

It’s Good To Laugh

It’s been a serious week on In the Hot Spot. I think we need some light relief. I found this picture via UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph.

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Happy Nicaraguan Cowboy - He Was Grateful All Our Kids Wanted To Ride His Horse

10 Things To Be Grateful For And Why You Should Be

Studies have proven that being grateful makes people happier. Many people have discovered this for themselves, and been quietly counting

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Three Keys To Living Our Dreams

Thank you to everyone who voted for our new slogan. It was a close call, but Reboot Your Life got pipped to the post so the old tagline stays

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Going For a Walk in Rural Zimbabwe

Lessons From An African Witchdoctor

Everyone likes a story with a moral, something that teaches us a lesson. Look at how Aesop’s Fables, like The Hare and The Tortoise, have stood the test

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Happy Talk Up Your Dreams

If you’ve got four minutes to spare, watch this clip from the 1958 movie, South Pacific where Bloody Mary sings the song, Happy Talk.

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I Can, You Can, Toucan

In the Hot Spot Grows

Do you want to be surrounded by positive people who encourage you to make the best of yourself?

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