Looking South from the top of Mount Coolum

Winter School Holidays: Sunshine Coast, Australia

More places to visit on the Sunshine Coast: Kennilworth, Mount Coolum and the Caloundra Rollerdrome.

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Thumbnail image for Racism in Australia

Racism in Australia

Thought-provoking essay on racism in Australia with excellent insights provided in the comments by my intelligent readers.

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Martin Fingland of Geckoes Wildlife with a Shy Snake

Wicked Winter on the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Wicked as in wonderful. Includes information on How to Kill a Cane Toad Humanely. You never know when you might need to know!

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A Winters Weekend in Noosa, Queensland

Winter in Queensland? They don’t know the meaning of the word! It’s almost mid-winter here in Queensland but we’re still getting out in the water and enjoying

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Controversial Dog in Booties

Shaggy Dog Story From the RSPCA, Noosa

My favorite contest, and the most fiercely contested category, was the “Owner and Dog Most Lookalike Contest”. The winner went to a Jack Russell and his

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Don't Give Up the Day Job?

Here are a couple of photos taken at Australia Zoo that I couldn’t fit into my article, Sunshine Coast Tourist Guide: Australia Zoo. I could even expand on this theme and compile a book called “Why Animals Don’t Need Mascara (Apart from Reptiles)” Enjoy!

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