November 2013

52 Exercises: Slacklining

52 Exercises: #47 Slacklining Makes Failure Fun

Slacklining’s been described as a cross between tightrope walking and trampolining which makes it sound impossibly hard. But when I saw someone slacklining

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Personalised Travel Maps

Announcing All New Personalized Travel Maps

I get lost even when I have a map. My husband Rich says it’s because I hold them upside down but I deny that. And anyway, I don’t care if I can’t read maps because there is so

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Things to Do in Zimbabwe

11 Things to Do in Zimbabwe Off the Beaten Track

There’s a lot of controversy about what the seven wonders of the natural world are but Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is a shoo in. The sight of millions of gallons of water rushing down

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Fraser Island Photo Story

Fraser Island Family Holiday Photos

How do you keep seven people aged eight to seventy-eight happy on holiday? We decided to head to Fraser Island for a holiday with our extended family and it was a good choice. Travel

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52 Exercises: Pilates and Self Care (No. 46)

52 Exercises: #46 Pilates and Self Care

Last time I saw the Pilates instructor Sandra was in a Toastmasters class. That was a few years ago when I was improving myself by learning how

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I Love Lions! Zimbabwe Travel Story from Mana Pools

I Love Lions! Zimbabwe Travel Photo Story

Are you a cat person? Then seeing lions in the wild is probably one of your biggest dreams. It is for me but lions are elusive creatures and endangered so

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Beach fitness sunshine coast

52 Exercises: #45 Beach Fitness and Love

Scott’s clients are a loyal bunch. They show up to his outdoor fitness classes at 5.30am come rain or shine. They’re a lot more dedicated than me because

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Mana Pools - Kanga Camp

Creature Comforts at Kanga Camp in Mana Pools

You don’t have to be rich to experience the wonders of Mana Pools National Park. There’s a government run campsite where you can camp by the Zambezi

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Game Walk in Magical Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Game Walk in Magical Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

The grass is brown, the ground is dusty and the trees in the Croton forest are bare. Grey branches reaching up like claws against a blue sky. It’s the end of

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52 Exercises: Noosa Triathlon Fun Run

52 Exercises: #44 Noosa Triathlon Fun Run

Fun run always seemed to be an oxymoron to me. You know, one of those phrases with contradictory elements like deafening silence, living dead or open

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52 Exercises No. 43: Surfing Emotional Waves

52 Exercises #43: Surfing Emotional Waves

Sometimes my heart sinks at the thought of the weekend stretching ahead with all three children at home, the house a mess and work piling up. But

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