September 2013

Bike Ride to Peregian Beach

52 Exercises: #39 Bike Ride to Peregian Beach With My Bro

Only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun but we don’t have a choice. My brother Tom who’s visiting from England wants to join me on on

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The Stampede Obstacle Race Brisbane, Annabel Candy

52 Exercises: #38 The Stampede Obstacle Race for Anxious People

For someone who hates getting dirty, out of breath and sweaty The Stampede is about as bad as it gets. It’s one of those muddy obstacle course races which

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52 Exercises: Tai Chi, Getting Glasses

52 Exercises #37: Tai Chi, Getting Glasses and Other Rites of Passage for Ageing

I’ve finally done something I’ve been needing to to do for a while. Something I’ve been putting off for months, maybe even years. I’ve been to the optician, had my eyes

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things to see and do in vienna

World’s Best Travel Destinations – Vienna, Austria

Looking for travel tips and things to see and do in Vienna in Austria? Today we’re visiting Vienna as part of our World’s Best Travel Destinations series with

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52 Exercises: Salsa Party

52 Exercises: #36 Salsa Party

Body language is important so before moving to Central America I spent way more time learning to salsa than I did learning to speak Spanish. Unfortunately

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Noosa Three Ways: Budget, Mid-Range and Big Spender

I love Noosa, I do and I love living here. The beautiful beaches, natural scenery, tropical climate and laid back lifestyle are a huge drawcard, not just for me

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