August 2011

Malaysian Food

Have You Ever Eaten Malaysian Food?

I was stoked when Malaysia Kitchen asked me to be one of their merry team of hot bloggers. As you know, some like it hot and I definitely do so I was delighted

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Brisbane by night

One Night in Brisbane

Thanks to a strange traveler I just got the chance to spend a night in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and Australia’s third biggest city after Sydney and

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Odd ways to travel eat and sleep free

Odd Ways to Travel, Eat and Sleep Free

I got the most amazing gift last week from my old friend Mishi Moo Cow (not her real name) in New Zealand. Mishi sent me a lovely 29 year old German woman

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Zebra print dress and nails

My Life as a Zebra

I admit, at first I thought these zebra print nails were a bit wild for me. I’m more the classic (read boring) type, so it took me a while to actually try them out. But

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Hot books to read

5 Hot Books I Loved Reading

If you want to be a great writer then you need to read widely. If you’re a writer, there is only one way to procrastinate will help you improve your writing skills

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